Glide Form Integromat Webhook - Excel Transferring Data Issue

Hi All,

Hoping you can help as I am a bit stuck. I built a glide app form where I want all the answers to each question be automatically populated to a template for excel I built with a custom dashboard that’s saved on my one drive account - once the numbers and content transfers over to the excel the graphs/dashboard automatically populate.

So I was able to create a mini test example with a Webhook which worked however the excel has different rows and columns with questions and empty cells I need to transfer over from the glide app. When I open an Excel module in It’s only limited to add one line, for this example I used line “2” which was fine and my graphs were built. My issue is my excel sheet template has many rows and columns of Information I need transferred over from the glide app - the single line option is not enough. How can I expand this scope/range information to transfer everything from glide in one shot?

Couldn’t you just connect your Excel sheet to Glide and have it directly update values in Excel. Then pull what you need into your template?

The issue with connecting my excel sheet is that whenever I complete the glide form it creates a second row for the next data to be inputted. My template excel sheet dashboard is already linked to certain cells, columns and rows - unless there’s a way to clear the values and not add a row in the glide data portion? I am not sure how to do that with a text field entry on the glide app writing to the excel source - from my understanding a row is always added - i rather it be deleted new forms can link to the same cells on my sheet.

See photo:

You don’t need to use a native form. You could essentially place entry components directly on a detail screen and allow the user to update an existing row in real time. That existing row would then sync with excel in OneDrive. The only thing is that it wouldn’t be scalable to allow multiple users at the same time.

If you added new rows, then you wouldn’t have users stomping over each other by sharing the same row, but maybe you could have some sort of back end process in Excel to process each individual row. I don’t really know how you would do that though.

Ultimately if it were me, I’d probably figure out a different process and flow…but that’s just me.

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Thanks Jeff.

To your first point, the detail screen is the “layout tab” correct? So what component do I add where I can place the infromation to an existing row? A text entry is what I would like?

Also, when I hit submit, it would activate the webhook to download the excel and pdf (I already have this working) - how do I prevent a new row from being added after I hit submit?

Yes, that sounds correct. Depends on what type of data you need, you would have text entry, number entry, choice component, date/time picker etc.

If you use components on the screen, the data is updated real-time, you don’t need to hit any buttons for it to save.

We don’t know enough about the webhook flow you have afterwards. What does it do? Does it generate a PDF based on the answers?

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Hi ThinhDinh. So the webhook is basically to grab the values from the Glide App text entries, or selections, and to transpose them to an Excel File on my One Drive Account. The webhook is linked to my Glide App values. See Photo for the module set up, the only issue with this module is that it only allows you to assign a line, but not a data range of cells I want the glide app answers to go to. Example: Question 1 answer I want it integrated to the Webhook/Excel sheet cell D32, and so forth.

I am adding a photo of a sample dashboard template, and how I want the values of the Glide App answers to go into those specific cells on that excel sheet - so it automatically updates the dashboard graph. Hope I am communicating this properly.

See photos for reference.

If you have this setup, what if multiple users use your app at the same time? Wouldn’t the workbook be updated simultaneously or do they process one by one request?

You’re right. So, if I dont use a native form and use components instead such as choice or text entry - how do I sync that to write in a glide sheet? There is no data source to write to on the right hand side.