Glide vs Apps by Airtable

Hi All!
With Airtable stepping up their game in Interfaces, seemingly seriously considering it part of its future, they’re essentially becoming a competitor to Glide.

Glide is much more powerful, versatile and a better user experience.
But the ease of creation in Airtable is even easier, since it’s all based off pre-existing data and relations.
Especially for Organizations which already have their data in Airtable- from Marketing assets to scheduled Instagram Posts.

If I would be looking to automate and centralize some org-wide processes without focusing as much on the user experience, I would be using Interfaces as it’s much faster to Iterate, deploy and cross-link data from different sources.

Which means- Glide should step up its game in Glide Tables to be an Airtable-like experience in the Data-Import, editing and Relations aspect.

Don’t get me wrong, Glide Tables is a breeze to use and the speed of innovation is amazing, but the UX is not as effortless as Airtable (I wouldn’t use it if the data isn’t needed in one of my Glide Apps).

The evidence is in the fact that some of us will whip up an Airtable in minutes without thinking twice.
Imagine whipping up a Glide App was as easy as converting your pre-existing data, once you decide it’s ready for use by others.