To Airtable or Not to Airtable

I’m keen to get started, the main question for me is if I should start from scratch with Glide Tables vs Airtable.

Currently I have to recreate a CRM / Orders / Invoicing solution I built in Filemaker (Like MS Access) - I was about to build it in Airtable but Glide Pages (Desktop use) make it very attractive. The row limits concern me but still reading up.

I have not built using Airtable, but people have complained about its syncing time. My personal favorite is always Glide Tables.

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We are also exploring Airtable to house the invoicing solution as the automation provided there seems attractive and efficient.

You may check out this limitation: Using Airtable with Glide | 5 Limitations - YouTube

We have been using Glideapps for a year and so far, all is good. We are going into the next stage to create the Finance section and would like to explore between Google Sheets, Glidetable & Airtable.

However, Glideapps would win hands down when comes to UI and sharing of info to different users!


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