🎓 Glide Tutorial - Add, Edit or Delete Multiple Rows (Using Glide's API)

The source table is a repository. It is use as a template. The result Table contains some records of source tablea and additionnal working column which will be filled by users.

First up, why do you need to add information from rows that have existed already to a new table though?

You might have to construct either:

  • An action that passes those rows’ info to Make.com to send a batch HTTP call to the Glide API, to add all rows in the destination table.

  • Construct templates for HTTP calls’ body, then use the Call API action to do the same thing inside the app.

Both of those require paid plans. In the first case, a Pro plan. Second case, Business/Enterprise.

The source table is a repository. It is used as a dynamical template.
The updated table is a working space.

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Hey Marco, this is amazing and you’re video explains things perfectly, in fact so well that I can’t understand why it doesn’t work for me. I keep getting the ‘Unexpected token in JSON at position 2’ and have really tried everything that I can but still the same error keeps coming back.(I’m with the business plan BTW)
Do you have any ideas or a template I could buy/download ?
Thanks, Ian

That error is telling you that your JSON is invalid. How are you creating it? Copy and paste it into json.lint and it will show you where it’s broken.

I’m copy & pasting it from the API as suggested and have tried it in json.lint. initially there was an error, but its fixed now and I still get the same error code.