Glide Top Banner Warnings like "You are offline..." or "This app exceeds its quota...": show only in Builder, not to the end-user. Or at least not fixed on screen

Hi, the Glide Warnings like “You are offline…” is currently 3 lines and cut or “This app exceeds… (rows limit)” should be displayed only in Builder, not for end-users.
And just a notification-like warning, that disappears, so as not to encumber the UI (it pushes everything 3 lines vertically! It’s huge for a mobile) and very negative for user experience. User doesn’t need to know what’s in backstage. To let the developer work in peace.
Could you please consider showing those well-meant warnings that respect the app’s UI in every pixel?
Thks :cherry_blossom::purple_heart::heavy_check_mark::heavy_plus_sign::bulb::relaxed::beer::croissant::pancakes::waffle::popcorn::bagel::wine_glass::maté::doughnut::cookie::pie::cupcake::chocolate_bar::candy::lollipop::dango::honey_pot::beers::tropical_drink: