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@Mark, I sent it to you in private,

Hi Joao, a workaround for now is to combine those in a template column with a comma delimiter, for example โ€œCol1, Col2, Col3โ€ then use a split text column on that template with the comma delimiter.

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hello @ThinhDinh, Yes! For some applications it will be useful, thanks!

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@Mark, in the same APP, I have the same problem as @Messias_Carvalho, the edition not working!

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Are you saying you deleted the row via the app, but it stayed in the table? Could you share your app, please?

@Mark, problem solved a few minutes ago. Thank you !!! :slightly_smiling_face:


This should be fixed now.


Love this

Here comes the first Glide Sheet Calculator, & Customers & Earnings Calculator.

Enjoy: I have set it to copy so we all can see how cool this new Glide Sheet is!

@david Thank you!


Amazing :heart_eyes:

Thanks for the contribution!


Thank you!

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โ€œMade with Glide from a Google Sheet, without writing any codeโ€. Is this statement still valid, now that we have our own Glide Sheet (lol). I think we should take the โ€œGโ€ out of โ€œGoogleโ€, and just call it G sheet! Just a thought.


Amazing work Glide Team!

Daniel, did you email support? If you did, they will get back to you. Please donโ€™t ask me for support on a thread about a particular topic.

@Mark @David
Do you foresee any issues when making your User Profile sheet a Glide table? I noticed itโ€™s exponentially faster but I donโ€™t want to run into any data write issues.

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@Robert_Petitto Thereโ€™s a potential bug with this I have to look into, but the intention is very much for user profiles in Glide Tables to work. If it doesnโ€™t we consider it a bug.

Thanks for the heads up. Iโ€™ll build it out anyway knowing that youโ€™ll handle this potential bug with ease :wink:

Canโ€™t believe my Meet with Me app is going from a heavy, Google Sheet based, Google Sheet formula driven app to one that doesnโ€™t even really need a Google Sheet at all. Yโ€™all are beyond awesome!


Tis the future



:joy: :joy: :joy:

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