Glide + Stripe connectivity

Hello Gliders,

I have an order form which creates a unique template column, which relates to a stripe payment link. On submit, users are directed to this stripe checkout to complete their purchase.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to send data from Glide to the stripe checkout? Such as a description, so users can differentiate what jobs the receipts they receive are for.

Has anyone got any experience with this?

So you want some sort of a “dynamic” link to show people what they are purchasing?

Yes, you can set the description in the payload:

"[payment_intent_data][description]": description.toString()

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Is this possible to achieve with URL parameters?

For example, I have a custom field on the STRIPE checkout titled ‘Job Name’. Can I carry data in a url parameter from glide to prefill that field?

That’s correct

The url has to be constructed with headers and payload… this is where you add description.