Glide should add a subtitle to the collection components

A ‘Title’ component has a Title and a Subtitle.

The ‘Collection’ components only have a Title. Since glide has a lot of new amazing design updates coming out, does anyone know if they are planning to add a Subtitle to the collection components!!

It would be great to be able to give a brief explanation in a smaler font of what the collection is displaying.

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Almost all collection types allow to set not only title and subtitle, but also a meta text (emphasis)

This is regarding the collection title header, not within the rows.

Oh, sorry for misunderstanding! Yes, a subtitle to a collection title is a frequent request

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Thank you, I see what you mean. I like this idea very much as well :slight_smile:

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I sometimes put a Title component on top of a collection. But when there is a search bar & filters it doesn’t always fit in.

I like this idea.