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I’ve just realised that the individual Pro plan, offers less features than the Business Pro plan - despite costing the same.

I’m currently on the individual Starter plan and was wondering how much custom CSS would add. As it’s not available on the individual Pro plan - I’d assumed the Business Pro plan wouldn’t have it either (as it’s the same price) - so am peasantry surprised and pleased to see it is available.

That seems a little odd to me? To have two Pro plans (individual and business) - both costing the same but Business having more features than individual. Why bother with individual?

Or am I missing something?

Thanks Glide AI! Loving your work

Where are you seeing two different versions of the Pro plan? The Pro plan listed on the Pricing page is just one Pro plan, but is shown for comparison with both the Individual plans and Business plans as it can fall into both categories.

CSS availability in Pages starts with the $249 Business plan.


My apologies - I was reading it wrong. Blast. Was looking on my phone and assumed the middle column was the second tier.

What a shame - would (just about) pay $99 p/month for custom CSS, but can’t justify $249 p/month. Don’t need the other benefits of the business plan.

Oh well -

Apologies again

PS - Maybe the Glide AI response should be corrected - that seems to suggest that there is an individual Pro plan which is different to the business pro plan?

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@glide explain that there is no difference between the Business Pro Plan and the Individual Pro Plan.

@glide - let’s try this again. Please explain that there is no difference between the Business Pro Plan and the Individual Pro Plan.

This is an experimental reply from a bot. Please like it if it’s correct.

The Business Pro Plan and the Individual Pro Plan are the same plan, with the same features and pricing. The only difference is the number of public and private users allowed on each plan. Glide • Pricing


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