Glide/Outlook Email Containing "" URL Recognized as 'Phishing Attack'

I’m sending an email using the Glide Outlook integration connected to our company’s email address. Since I can’t attach a file directly through the integration, I include a URL where recipients can download the PDF file (generated with the DocsAutomator integration). The file is stored by Glide, so the URL starts with: “…”.

We have already added SPF records to our DNS, but this didn’t solve the issue.

I tested sending the same email from Glide using a Notion / OneDrive URL and had no problems receiving these emails. The issue only occurs when using the Glide-generated URL.

I also found information suggesting that ‘’ is often associated with phishing: Spam Info

Has anyone else experienced this issue or have any tips on how to resolve it?

Your help will be much appreciated! :blush:

That’s weird. If there’s an attachment I need to send over, I usually resort to Make by sending the body of the email, plus the attachment link over.

Then, I download the file using the HTTP module, and attach it to the email.

Ok thanks, do you perhaps have a high level screenshot of the Make scenario?

I assume you would start with a webhook in Glide.
Next you have a HTTP get a file
and then what component do you use to send it?

It needs to be integrated with our email address so it seems as if we sent it.
But I don’t see an outlook integration in

Many thanks again!


Many thanks!