Glide on subdomain navigation and T&C

Is there any way if I have glideapp on a subdomain to have a navigation mirroring what is on the main domain? The same goes for the footer as I need to have some T&C in the bottom. Thanks!

What do you mean by navigation mirroring? If you want to show what you have in your main domain, you can use a webview component and load your domain IN the app.


Thanks for getting back to me. Thanks I understand what you mean with IN the app I guess I wanted to understand if there was an option to put a customised header and footer in the app. This is for a UI perspective but also a branding perspective. Thanks!

what I’d do is put an image at the top and the bottom. I did this a while ago for an old app:
Euforia App · Glide 2021-11-04 at 5.07.18 PM

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Thanks for the tip, I will look into how it can use it as a workaround.