Glide not retaining 'keyword search' entries

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Describe the bug:
Glide is not retaining keyword search entries (on search bar in details page on classic apps). Every time I’m looking for something, the keywords delete out if I click on one of the options I’m looking at. I, then, lose my place in the search because the keyword is gone, and then I have to retype it again and again and again because it keeps deleting out as I search through whatever I’m looking for.

Expected behavior:
Keyword entry should remain in search bar while user is looking through options on an inline list on a details page. At least while the user is actively using the app.

How to replicate:
Use the keyword search tool on any of my tabs. Search “curl” or “blonde”, anything that related to hair. If you log in as me, I have a new ‘gallery’ tab of hair pictures similar to IG. If you enter any specific interest there and then click on an option, your entry will erase as well.

Link to demo recording (optional):
Search examples:

Yeah, I can reproduce this, I agree it’s undesirable behaviour.

I think this is still a Classic App right? I don’t know if you can submit tickets for Classic Apps anymore.

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oh man, that would really stink. Especially after having to upgrade to teams and then getting no bug support? Has mostly everyone switched to the new glide apps, I can’t imagine that it’s that easy for everyone to rebuild their entire apps from classic?

As it’s going to be sunset at some point, and you can’t actually create new Classic Apps anymore, I think it might be a yes. At least we’re trying to convert as much as we can within our agency.

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One option you have would be to convert it to a custom search. That will give you the behaviour back that you want, but will cost you in extra updates.


Ya I hear you, and I eventually want to switch over to the new Glide apps too. I just feel like it’s a little soon to be cutting us off from support without all the kinks worked out on how to seamlessly switch over all of the functionality.

Hi Darren! Can you explain a little more about that?? How to create a custom search and what you mean about costing me?

There are a few ways to go about it, but essentially it boils down to something like:

  • Disable the search in your list component
  • Add a Text entry component at the top of the screen
  • Point that text entry component at a user specific column
  • Use the contents of the user specific column to filter your list

The extra updates come from the fact that as a user enters text in your custom search box, it is updating the attached table in real time. So every search counts as an update.

The native search column searches for all the columns/info in the detail screen correct? How would a custom search do that?

Wouldn’t it be too much work to connect all columns to one custom search bar? How would the filters work?

It’s a custom search, so you can set it up to work any way that you like. Some ways will be easier than others, depending on the desired result.

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