Glide not connecting with Google

Hello everyone! I can’t login to Glide with my google account. Before this, the app was not refreshing from the google sheet. I tried to reload the sheet as explained in the troubleshooting, but didn’t work. Now I can’t sign in glide at all!

Did you ever had the same issue? Is there a way to solve that?
I tried to cancel the permissions for glide inside my google account, hoping to unlock something new but nothing happens…
Please help!

What’s the error you are seeing when you try to sign in? Do you have any extensions for your browser?

Before failing to log in, this: Could not getOAuth2TokensForGoogleSheets: undefined .
Now I try to sign in and freezes in the “logging in” page.
Tried both in Chrome and Safari with no extension.

Last time something like this happened no one had an answer.x

Maybe you can record the problem and submit it here.