Glide Modules: Embeddable Modules for websites etc

Glide Modules.
I think Glide would be the perfect Platform to build modules which can be embedded in websites etc.
For instance building an ROI Calculator like this -

It can be built in Glide so easily - would be amazing if it could be embedded externally.

It used to be embeddable using an iframe…worth trying still. What happens if you add your Glide app url inside an iframe:

<iframe src="[URL]"></iframe>

EDIT: This no longer works… it used to…but then this…


This is something we’ve thought of! A fun idea to explore for sure.


Hey! It’s @david! Long time no see!

We have been thinking that we’d like to show a demo copy of our application on the public site for people to see what the experience is like prior to registering for the private pro experience. Embedding would be perfect for this use case.

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