Glide mark

Can I remove this by paying? Can I also remove the " Made with Glide" on loading screen when I open the app?

Thank you!

Yes, you can remove all Glide branding with a Pro account.

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Okay, then Im going for pro. I would like to ask something else, can I keep versions? I mean i want my app to be published, but I want to work on in as well, and then (something like push), make the changes to the original one.

You can make a duplicate of your app, but if you are working on a published app, the changes are pushed out to all users in real time. There currently isn’t any versioning process. To push out changes when you are ready. All users will see changes as you make them.

Ohh, sad. But thanks!!

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Maybe in the future. This has been discussed previously

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I know Jeff has answered but for future reference the glide documentation is handy :wink: