Glide Magic Architecture: is there a map, a logical tree about how it works?

Hi all 🙋
I was wondering if there is some doc about the whole architecture of / or the magic underlying Glide (even though, yeah, you never reveal the magic, it breaks the charm)?
From my POV, looks like the table column data is the smallest item from which everything is related. So we need to think every app focusing on it to determine the limits, hence the feasibility as well as viability + evolutivity + maintenability.

When I used to work with BI software Oracle Hyperion, it was fascinating to understand how “cubes” work. Because once you get it, you can articulate the rest, and “make educated guess” in archiving, growth, performance issues. But with BI, UI/UX: who cares?

With Glide, UI/UX matter a lot.
And knowing about its architecture can help design thinking the right way.
And communicate with users/customers with more transparency & less pitfalls about the do’s and don’t.

And I always prefer to know how sth can be changed, deleted, reverted in the safest and smartest way. With no trash or ghost files wandering anywhere in some lost forsaken forgotten forever inaccessible places.
Well Best Practices.

Thks for your insights.
I believe it matters to create Glide apps properly. With anticipation and a clear view of the big picture.

Hey Ly-Mei

What do you mean about it? Something like this :point_down:

Like it or not, that’s right. Also knowing that all storage features and functionality apply to an individual app.

As I mentioned above, you can take a look and also take deep in Glide docs, but I confess some title tricks is not there. That’s why we have this awesome community, where you can simply search, or also ask us if there’s something not replied yet :relaxed: