✨ Glide Integrations (Radar, Pexels, Google Calendar, Gmail/Outlook, Twilio)

You are a God sent to this community <3

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Hey Rob, is there a possibility that you can explain how you did the cart?

I am working on a project where I need to have a cart function and the whole thing is going over my head.

I am guessing you have a rule in an action to check if the user has an open order or not. If they dont - it creates a new order and adds a line item and if the user does - it just adds the line item with the order number as relation.

I dont understand the structure of the relations completely. So could you maybe explain that?

Basically this, yes. If I create a video explanation for this, I’ll create a new thread.

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I managed to get the relations right.

Had to do some magic but its working now :grin:

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