✨ Glide Integrations (Radar, Pexels, Google Calendar, Gmail/Outlook, Twilio)

Just recorded Google Calendar. Will release the video later this week!


Thank you! I’ve been trying to do Google Calendar but having all kinds of issues. I have a legacy gmail account which I use for all of my memberships with things like Glide, and then a Google Workspace account that I use for creating email accounts for domains that I promote. My calendar is tied to the legacy account but I can’t get either account to recognize the Glide integration.

Google Calendar!


So much to learn from this video!

  1. I did expect the GCalendar integration to be “add to YOUR calendar” instead of “add to MY calendar”, but I get it. So now I’m thinking that this could easily replace Calendly or similar booking app, which would be a nice to have inside of my project
  2. What happens if the person booking does not have Google Calendar? I would think that it would be best to somehow have an email sent to the person making the appointment to confirm, with details.
  3. Are there any time zone considerations we need to be aware of?

Thanks @Robert_Petitto for another very helpful video.

  1. Agree!
  2. Agree with this one, too!
  3. Not to my knowledge…I think as long as the date time column is set to “respect timezones” we’re in good shape!
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Integrate Twilio in less than 10 minutes.

10. Minutes. :exploding_head:

:point_right: Send SMS alerts
:point_right: Send WhatsApp notifications


Nice use case - impressive speed of the text coming through to end user :+1:

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Will we ever get a tutorial on how to do that cart function? :open_mouth:

Shiny, right? Still working out the kinks. If I ever get around to finishing it, I’ll post it!

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You are a God sent to this community <3

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Hey Rob, is there a possibility that you can explain how you did the cart?

I am working on a project where I need to have a cart function and the whole thing is going over my head.

I am guessing you have a rule in an action to check if the user has an open order or not. If they dont - it creates a new order and adds a line item and if the user does - it just adds the line item with the order number as relation.

I dont understand the structure of the relations completely. So could you maybe explain that?

Basically this, yes. If I create a video explanation for this, I’ll create a new thread.

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I managed to get the relations right.

Had to do some magic but its working now :grin:


Wondering if anyone has managed to have any success with Urlbox and if so, how did you structure your HTML and CSS?

@james I used URLBox to make the PDFs for the AI app designer: https://ai-designer.glide.page/

I just used simple HTML, and I used tailwind for style.


Responded in your other thread.

Thanks for this, @Robert_Petitto !

I’m using this in a theatre ticket app for patrons. The app saves their tickets to events along with various info about the upcoming plays etc. One nice feature is that the entry barcode only appears on the day of the event - so the patron doesn’t show the wrong ticket by mistake.

I use the Google Calendar action to add the event to their calendar. But I am getting the time zone error, even though both the Calendar I linked to, the user calendar (in my test case), AND the Google data spreadsheet are all set to Eastern. The entry is created 4 hours before the performance:

I could artificially add 4 hours to the time, but that’s an ugly workaround for what appears to be a bug, not to mention confusing.

Please help - thanks!

Hm. Not sure about this one. Anyone notice this same thing?

I’m sure I saw this before in another thread.

My thinking was if you force the timezone into the Zulu format itself then it might work. Maybe some sort of JavaScript would be helpful in this case.