Glide has managed to reach a farmer from Indian village

Hi Team,
Glad to Glide along with you guys.
A decade ago, I let go of learning mobile app development after struggling with SDK’s (Guess SDK’s were going through stabilization phase back then!!). Recently, I was exploring better ways to share my Seed Bank data being maintained as google sheets . I am really excited to have stumbled upon Glide and the concept of no-code framework, which lets us focus more on business logic and drastically reduces the complexities in coding. Thank You.!


Hi, great to have another member to our family here!

Always feel free to ask us questions if you need our help.

Welcome! What do you grow? Maybe we can eat some of it at the next Glide conference!

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Thanks for the note.!
Simply put, I grow local food with minimal effort. I spend more time engaging communities on how to practice growing their own food. We are not mass producing traditional farmers. But are a group of new generation farmers who see agriculture as part of our lifestyle. It’s good to see new technologies emerging. If you guys have come this far in creating an app in minutes, I am sure you would soon make teleportation via glide a reality;-). Give me a shout when you do, and we could make an interesting breakout session in Glide conference.!


Hi. I want to connect with you and understand what you are doing for farming…maybe can share some knowledge. we are also looking into urban farming but will be out of topic … can drop me an email to and we take from there?