Discuss a potential book on GlideApps


I am working as a Product Manager with Packt publishing, a developer’s skills platform. We are planning to come up with books on low code/no.code platform and that’s when we came across GlideApps. Glide helps one build mobile apps from a spreadsheet without coding.

I wanted to understand your thoughts on coming up with a book on Glide.


Interesting idea. What aspect do you plan to write about Glide, or any no code platforms?

Thanks for your response. We haven’t drafted or planned a proposal yet for this book and hence I shared the post here to discuss and know more fron you guys. What do you think should the proposition be like?

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I hope this will be helpful:

  • How Glide enables the ability to make an app in a very short timespan, which is crucial for many purposes, including building MVPs or apps for a specific event, etc. (I’m sure people can name many use cases)

  • Glide’s great approach of connecting a spreadsheet to an app, as spreadsheets are very familiar to many people, including me, who previously worked as a Business Intelligence Analyst.