Glide Details icon not showing full list while Glide list & others show full list & picture

Ok I’m trying to showcase 2 items that I have on my table. When I use the list or cube detail both items appear.

But when I choose the Details one it only shows just one item from my list.

How do I get both items to show under the Details?

Details is meant to show details for one item only. The details screen is always connected to one single row in a table.

Any of the other list style views are meant to show a list of multiple items in a table.

The list style views essentially only have an inline list component. If you want to see a list on a Detail style screen, then you need to add an inline list component.

Ok I’m gonna try the inline list to use the details.

Ok I used it worked. Thank you.

I can’t see the buy link on the page to click, is that normal? I would like to be able to see it. It’s already connected so don’t understand why the buy button is not appearing on the page.

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Image is not a price.

I know the image is not the price, but I want the buy button to be visible, and it’s not showing up even though I have it listed. I worked like any button before, but once I linked my information, it stopped being visible.

Well, I’d start with making sure that you are feeding the buy button with valid information. If you are passing text into a value that is expecting a number, then that’s a good indicator if things are not working as expected.


Ok I’ll try that. Thanks.