Glide Dashboard Connect Error: Backend.max_conn reached

Currently receiving this error when I try to access

Does anyone experience the same thing?

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Update: it resolves itself.

I found this answer on Reddit about error 503 if anyone is interested.

"Error 503 is typically thrown by an intermediary known as a load balancer.

Real basics of cloud computing here - The websites and services on the internet are provided by computers much like your own. Actually quite like your own - They used to be on expensive specially designed supercomputers but are these days on what we call commodity hardware. In order to scale to demand, service providers will buy or rent more computers, usually known as hosts. To direct your request to these hosts, they use a load balancer - A special host that’s optimized to quickly choose a host and send your request to it, then send its response back to you.

The load balancer keeps track of whether the hosts are healthy, and often things like the number of concurrent connections to each individual host and the maximum that should allowed. If there is no healthy host to take your request, it throws error 503.

As for why this is happening lately, I have two points of speculation:

  • The response to current events is causing people to use online services more than they would typically. Many people are working remotely, for instance. The services you’re attempting to use may be underscaled for the load.

  • Getting more servers and scaling up to meet the load is difficult right now because supply lines are strained. Datacenters have to install physical racks with physical machines to add capacity for people to rent. They probably expanded at a nominal rate above the demand for capacity before, but if the demand is up and the manufacturers and distributors have been disrupted they might not have the additional capacity to rent out."

Link to answer:


i’m having this right now. How long did it take to resolve itself?

No problems on my end now. Back then it took like 20-30 minutes I think.

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mine is back, thanks, less than 15mins for me

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