Glide contact for corporate approval

Is there an official FAQ resource or contact person for helping to get Glide approved for use in a large company?

I have a couple of apps that we are piloting and part of the project will be to get approval from IT, e.g. Glide is a trusted platform.

Thanks in advance.

I think @Ian can help you

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Thanks. I have reached out to Ian.

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@Simon_Hill, if you have a minute to feedback here after you get more information from Glide about this, I will be interested.


I had a great call with Glide. This is clearly a frequent request and it’s good to know there is a clear process:

My basic take-away is the following:

• The corporate is recommended to purchase 1x Enterprise plan equal to 12K USD, i.e. the minimum cost which is 100 users @ 10 USD pm (search Enterprise plan on Glide for more details)
• This facilitates Glide support to help Glide become an approved vendor, e.g. Corporate requests certification info, etc… (Glide sees this service as a strategic imperative)
• Corporate can continue using Glide apps that are created independent of any Enterprise plan, e.g. the pro plan apps I mentioned in the call
• It’s typically Procurement (and/or IT) that handles the process to approve Glide as a trust vendor

Hope this helps…!


Thank you @Simon_Hill, very interesting.

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