Glide-built app on Product Hunt!

Hey Gliders. Wanted to share about a Glide-built product being featured on Product Hunt. Would love some support if you are an active hunter!

I’m Ian, the founder of Outfit. We make DIY renovation kits for you kitchen and bath.

I don’t think I’d be able to build this complex business as quickly as I did without Glide’s help. Working side-by-side with @Robert_Petitto, we’ve been able to build some incredible things:

  • :balloon: Database built with Airtable, synced with sheets, and ‘re-connected’ with Glide
  • :left_speech_bubble: Built-in Intercom tab with webview
  • :package: Order tracking and tracking numbers
  • :white_check_mark: Custom to-do list for every customer

Now, I wish I could show you it, but it’s email-protected for customers only, but we’d love to build a demo to share with all of you. Do check out our site which has real Glide screenshots.

And if you know anyone who’s looking to embark on a DIY reno, we’d love them to fill out this form!


Way to go Ian, and congratulations on the Product Hunt launch! It’s a beautiful app—you were able to accomplish some things!



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Great project, wishing you every success :+1:

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Great one. Congrats on the launch!

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This is not Glide right? :slight_smile:

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Great. good job

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This is awesome and inspiring! Great job @Robert_Petitto and congrats @Ian_Janicki on your launch!


Correct. This is the only slide that’s not Gllide. @david, get to work on this :crazy_face:

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just upvoted, congrats!!

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