Glide Big Tables Plan coming years


Is there a specific concrete plan for comming functionalities of GBT?

I’m structuring apps in ways that will affect it’s User experiences by choosing GBT or regular Glide tables.

Important factors so I can make choices that will be the right ones in a year (long term) from now are:

  • What functionalities will and will not come to GBT, when?
  • Will it be possible to transfer a regular table to a big table in the future? this way all the functionalities of regular glide tables today are usable. It might be that by the time you guys have developed the features in GBT we can switch to that data source without transfering an entire data source in a running app in a few years. Or isn’t this going to happen? Cuz then I will plan the data source of my app in another way, this will decrease it’s functionalities but does provide long term support without a lot of work prone to mistakes by switching data sources in a year or so when it hits the row limit.

A clear plan what will be delivered when will help a lot with making decisions about how to structure an app.

This will also be nice for the automations features (which should have been rolled out last year). With a clear plan for that feature glide gives me and I believe a lot of other developers the right information so they can choose the best technologies for creating better software.

I hope I speak for more Glide developers

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Do you have any information to share here @NoCodeAndy ?

  • Converting Glide Tables to Big Tables is coming this year.
  • We will eventually make Glide Tables and Big Tables equivalent / the same thing. More features from Glide Tables (e.g. live updating) are coming to Big Tables this year.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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