Glide Big Tables is now available!

Ya…you might be right. I might have misunderstood a message from @Mark about GBT and it’s improved performance—might just be for API calls:

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Yes, no, maybe.

There is no simple answer to that. Yes, computed columns consume client resources. But for 99.99% of uses cases the performance impact should be negligible.

Since i just migrated from Glide Classic Apps (Used GSheet and 4 different Table)

in Glide Apps, used glide table and merged 4 table into 1 since all of it related
and most computed column also in 1 table,

i guess thats what make it so slow ?

I agree.

If now, we have to load a subset of data to work with it on App, the response speed will depend on our Query and how it was written. I mean, if I have a table with 40k registers (rows) and 50 columns, an inoffensive Query like this:

Select * from MyTable

will be slower and more inefficient than this:

Select column1, column2, colum5 from MyTable Limit 25

I think that GBT and Firebase (GT) are column-oriented databases (NoSQL) so, our Queries have to be smarter and specific when those are written. We need to avoid the “brute-force searching for data” from now on.



That’s a good habit to get into.

Selecting everything from a table works in development. Not so much for published apps. :grimacing:

It’s like someone asking for a spoon, and you bring them the whole utensil drawer.


Hope the Glide Developer Notices This

I’ve been struggle to view the Table from Data and even from Layout (sometime even Not Responding) :melting_face:

Are you using Big Tables? If so, start a thread in #glide-big-tables with more details.

nope. im using only Glide Pro
so maybe just normal glide table ? with only 25.000 limited row

Just Came in Mind

Does Setting Row Owner make it grab query more efficiently ?

I Only used filter, because i want the file to be accessed dynamically when owner changed if wanted.

How many rows are we talking about here?

right now nearly around 8000 rows

Do you have a lot of calculated columns in your database? How many tables do you have in total?

8 Table

1 Table consist of more than 20 computed columns

They seem to work quite well. I did a test uploading a 125 MB CSV file with 1 million records to a Big Table. You can test it here →

(It took 20 mins to import the 1 million records CSV file)


hmm… google sheets are faster, thanks for sharing, now I know how BT performs :wink:

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Used Glide Table (Not Big Table)
it consumes a lot of time by loading the table with a lot of computed column (>20) :face_with_spiral_eyes:

yeah, i also think so.
before i migrate to “only” glide table.

used gsheet, and loading time doesnt seems to be problem, sometimes slow but not too slow compared to my apps now (using glide table)

20 computed columns is not a lot. 20 computed columns is nothing.
Of course it depends what those columns are doing, and how much data they are operating on.

But just to give you an idea, I have Apps with thousands of computed columns and they run just fine.

Take a look at the below to give you an idea of how powerful computed columns are, and how little they impact App performance:

yeah, at first when on empty table or few record, slow loading doesnt felt at all
back to my first app using gsheet with lot of computed column, also doesnt feel too much lag

but my new app with glide table only when i import in 7000record. it started loading slower than before


Ok, 8k rows in 8 tables right? … and how many columns (real ones)?

The weight of your data is not defined only by the number of rows, the amount of columns also hits this. In short, your data and its load is based on the number of rows x columns you have created.