Glide back button vs native device back button

the expected behavior, when the user has selected a product, the user will not be able to re-select the same product.
it works when the user presses the default Glide back button which is in the upper left corner.

but when the user presses the default back button from the original device, it will go to the previous screen, and when the user selects the product it can still be done, and this is what I didn’t expect.
how to prevent this from happening.

Shouldn’t you have a setup to hide the button when the user has “selected the product”?

yes i can hide it but i want it to stay there

Why do you want it to stay there if you don’t want people to click it a second time?

1.because that’s how the app should be, right?
that’s why I created an action on the purchase button if the user double clicks on the button it just issues a notification that the product has been selected or the product is already in the shopping cart.

  1. I want to keep the design of the shopping app.

okay, we’re back to my question.
Is there a way to prevent or overcome this?

It seems that there are colleagues in the community who are experiencing the same thing as me.

Try creating a custom action to “go back” twice. I have done this to go back 3 screens to send the user where I want them after clicking.

Ohh interesting concept! Thank you

I actually ended up hiding the buy button all together if they had purchased that item, and it’s working great

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I’m not sure I understand the flow. What does this button do? Does it add a row somewhere?


If it adds a row somewhere, wouldn’t you be able to hide it if you don’t want users to click it again? If you don’t want to hide it, what’s your reason not to hide it?

What I tried to tell you was this. When the user finishes paying, you can have a flow to make that button visible again.

How can this be used to replace the built in back buttons?

I don’t try to replace them, I add a BACK button at the bottom of my screens with a custom action. That is usually where I’m at when I want to go back, I don’t want to have to scroll to the top to go back.

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Okay, thank you