Glide App writes no more rows into Airtable


nothing has been changed in the Glide app or in the Airtable structure for 5 weeks.

Yesterday, as every day, about 300 new rows were captured via the mobile version of the app. However, no data was written - the table in the Glide data view is empty when I try again now. Nothing has been changed in the actions.

I have read that Airtable has changed something in the API. Could it possibly be due to this?

Maybe someone can help me quickly… tonight the next data sets are coming in from the customer and I don’t know what to do.


Which plan are you on?
Have you checked if your App has hit the row limit?

We are using the PRO Plan and the usage is still okay and the limit is not exceeded.

I had to find a solution by tonight. So I replaced Airtable with Google Sheets! So now it works again. Unfortunately for me a bit more complex and also more costly, because I have to do the processing in the background with instead of Airtable Automations.

same issue here but just stopped working about 2 weeks ago. Super frustrating… still no fix in site for me and i dont want to start fresh