Glide App + MySQL

JDBC in JS is not available actually… i tried experimental columns but they are slower than gscript webapps…
Will try to set up a server and keep connection to MySQL live rather than connecting always…

Thanks for the explanation. Great job still on the proof of concept. Wishing you all the best in working further on it…
Such endeavours help us “nocoders” to see what is possible with glide and just how far it can be pushed in terms of limits etc…

Isn’t it available? Really? :upside_down_face:

I use a JDBC connection to retrieve data from a MS SQL Server database daily and works fine so far but it’s running from a GS script and now, reading your reply, I wonder why I haven’t tested my code by using an XC in GDE?? :face_with_thermometer:

Let me try it and let you know any good result.


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Hi I tired and its laggy and slow unfortunately not reliable

Hello @ShantanuIyengar ,congratulate you.
Add a title and within 5/6 seconds it updated.
Currently I have an app connected to mysql but it reads the information once a day and writes me the mysql table every certain period.
do you use an external connector?
I use Scripts for both cases

Yes this uses gscript only but the information is fetched as soon as you search for something!
The information is sent back quickly but it takes time to render it in the app!

Great, very good.
Greetings :clap: :clap:

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I have a question @ShantanuIyengar about how you are resulting the array into an inline list ?

have you tried this in Glide pages? Since glide pages DO have pagination, maybe it works better?

I am returning a limited set of 20 json objects in an array when searched! And then using jquery i transform the json entirely in the app

Its not about rendering in pagination!
Its about fetching so much data and then computing it in glide! Which is bit time consuming!

So you conncet them to a static emtpy rows ?

I get the json file! Use a single value for static 20 rows and then I use jquery to sort the data and then render it!