Glide app disaster recovery & technical backup

I run a sports league website powered by four glide-apps. If I go under a bus, no-one else knows how to operate the system. The service required would be as follows:

  1. maintenance of existing apps for a period up to 6 months - just to make sure it doesn’t fall over
  2. assistance with migrating core data onto another platform
  3. (I’m guessing too expensive) as 1., but annually.

Does anyone offer such services, please?

Hey, I could do it depending on details about the steps.

I have been using Glide for a while but don’t offer such services “professionally”, if there is such a thing :joy:

thanks Bjorn! Not sure how we’d make this happen, but good to know it might be an option!

We do at LowCode Agency, the leading Glideapps agency.