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Is there a GET endpoint? I’d love to be able to get data out of computed columns without having weird set column actions :slight_smile:

PS - Awesome video!

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There is a GET for ENTERPRISE level apps…it’s specifically called “Query Tables”


Super useful to update roles, before we couldn’t update a role from within the app, now we can!!!:partying_face:

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Great idea!

Just did a thing so I can change the views and view as different roles, so create a “View as” within the app


If you are looking for another example, :point_up::point_up::point_up: check out this tutorial!

In this video, I share an example of creating a custom integration with the Glide Tables API. You learn how to create a row, update a row, and delete a row. Though there is an API involved, there is little to no code because I am using Zapier to make the API calls.

And if APIs scare you… :astonished::weary::dizzy_face:

Check out my free APIs Made Simpler eBook:


Two very helpful videos, thank you so much guys.

@Robert_Petitto @darren

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Happy to help!

Thank you for putting this together. Super excited to try out all the features but noticed that the API might’ve been put on pause. I see the option but whenever I click it - it seems to be a dead click.

What browser are you using?

Tried both with Chrome and Safari

Here’s a link to me trying on both browsers

Amazing as always @Robert_Petitto Very inspiring for us !


This is probably one of those questions but, is your app Pro?

It probably is…non pro apps don’t even show the “api usage” menu item.
CleanShot 2022-02-10 at 07.56.39@2x

If you haven’t, please submit a ticket and provide a support link, please!

Very helpful video @Robert_Petitto, thank you for your time! :trophy:

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I can confirm that it’s on a Pro App. I see the API usage meter when I click on Pro in the top right.

Tried again this morning but no luck. I’ll submit a ticket

@Robert_Petitto great stuff. Super educational

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Hi Darren,

I see in your example “get all rows”. That is missing from my API set in my PRO app.

How about even “Get Row”. If something changes in Glide, how can I keep an external database up to date? Without “Get Row”, seems that “UPDATE” could do major damage in a sync attempt.