Glide and GPS Capabilities

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An important feature of my app is its ability to take an arial shot of a piece of land to determine different altitudes and slopes, essentially detailed topography, does Glide offer this capability? If so how do I access it? If not how can I integrate this function into my app.

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My guess is that you will have to use some sort of post processing software to layer your measurements on top of the map first, as topographical details are rarely accessible with very much accuracy from mobile phones…
curious… are you referring to “flying your phone” with a drone?


Upon further research I’m actually looking for satellite 3D imaging such as LIDAR technology. There are many sources of this. The task now is to link one to my app giving users the ability to take satellite images of their land. Any suggestions on how to do this is welcomed.

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I’m also trying to find a user-friendly solution to this problem.

Google My Maps is a (not so hot) short-term fix and can be embedded in web view

Hi @Ata_Nabawi , are you familiar with Esri/ArcGIS?

Hands down, they’re the most comprehensive mapping software I’m aware of (even more advanced than Google maps/Google earth I’d say) although Glide 110% beats their no-code platform. I don’t know about your specific use case but if they have a mapping product that works with your LIDAR requirements, maybe stick that URL in a web view within Glide? For example, ArcGis has a free tier where you can create a map layer and have a public url. I haven’t tested it as Glide’s mapbox works for me but maybe worth looking into? Good luck!


URL AND webview :grin:

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