Glide and google sheet apostrophe '1 remove?

not sure if i am explaining this correctly. i am trying to make an app for myself to track my work week. i imported my google sheet and got started i noticed when i apply my day through glide and go to my google sheet the input from glide will show as the number with an apostrophe '1 how do I get glide to stop adding the apostrophe.

How are you entering that Unit value in your app? Which component are you using? How is the column type defined in the glide data editor?

The apostrophe is there because glide is forcing it to be text instead of a number.

Are you trying to use formulas in the google sheet? If so, I would consider moving all of formulas into glide. The experience will be much better as any computations are done instantly instead of waiting for data to sync back and forth from the google sheet to the app.


thank you so much for the help i was using text format for the unit field instead of number entry.

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