Glide advertising on the app

Hello, I took the starter subscription at $ 25, I still have the ad “made with glide” at the opening of the application, and also in the users part of the app, is there any manipulation to remove it?

Yes. Go to Settings->Billing, and you will see an option to “Enable Whitelabeling”

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On the Starter Plan, this option costs $10 per month per App.


It works! thank you very much, and for the application to be published on the apple store, you have to do how?

I’m afraid that you’re own your own with that one.
Glide Apps are PWAs (Progressive Web Apps). They are not intended to be distributed via the App/Play Stores. That said, it is possible, and there are 3rd parties around that will help you do it. But it’s neither officially supported or encouraged by Glide.


ok, thanks for all the answers :wink:

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