Remove the mark that says Made with Glide

hello, I need to know if I can remove the mark that says Made with Glide

Go for starter plan or else above plan.It always comes with the free plan.

Is this for Glide Apps or Glide Pages?

for Glide Apps

In order to remove the Glide branding, you need to:

  • Open your app on
  • Go to settings, the hexagon
  • Click on billing
  • Click on enable whitelabeling

use CSS


is it possible, show us by example…

everything is possible :wink:

Wow!you are too good.

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@Uzo if I find out that you’re selling templates that use CSS to work around our pricing, I’ll ban you from Glide :wink:


What do you mean? all my customers have pro plans… thanks to me you are getting rich! LOL
are you saying that we can use CSS to avoid paid plans ??? hmmm interesting…

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