GIF doesn't do the full loop

I am trying to use a GIF as an image and i have noticed that Glide cuts the gif full duration.

I tried to use a GIF with a countdown like this one and in Glide it gets cut at 7 seconds and goes back to the beginning. I tried storing the file directly in Glide and storing it in firebase. The problem persists.

Does anyone knows why this happens and if there is a way for the gif to do the full cycle?

When I inspect the GIF I uploaded to the app after it is published i noticed that the GIF effectively used is a compressed form and that all the GIF’s are cut at 7140 milliseconds.

I understand the compression but the cut part doesn’t make much sense and turns unusable longer GIFs. Is there anyway to use GIF’s that are not cut at 7140 milliseconds? @david @Mark

Try referencing the image directly with html img tags in a rich text component.


Ok, that works. So all the image size and position has to be done in HTML in this case. I also tried using a giphy as a link and that one isnt’t cut (although firebase is)

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Glide aggressively caches and compresses images to show the most optimized version for quick loading depending on the OS/Browser, and which screen view or components you are using. Maybe giphy works because glide can’t directly cache and compress it. I suppose the same happens with GIF images, but by using the img tags, the browser is making direct requests for the full uncompressed image version.


And is it possible to use Lottie files direclty in HTML (not exporting a GIF)?
Like this one Lottie Web Player - Lottiefiles

Not sure. Not familiar with them, but looking over the site quickly, it may require a web view or a third party site with the necessary code to play a Lottie file and is displayed in a web view.