Get value from another table based on date match

I have two Glide tables:

1. Tracking Table that totals all types of transactions for a given month.
2. Monthly Input Table that users fill in with the month, their starting balance and goals.

However, I’m trying to make a progress bar that has the calculated goal from Table 2, but the progress is in Table 1. So I’m thinking I need to somehow import the current total from Table 1 into Table 2. But how is this done based on dates? That is, I need the current totals for Nov 2021 to be displayed Table 2’s Nov 2021 row. Seems like it should be straightforward, but I’m having a little trouble :frowning_face:

What I do:


Wow! You’re awesome! Thanks so much for this. I’ll need to watch this video several times to make sure I get the relations correct, but this is exactly what I needed :grinning:

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