Get User wallet balance on binance


I am looking to get my wallet balance from my binance account to glide using API. I was wondering if somebedy already done it before ? And If yes, I would be pleased to read about it .

Thank you Glide Community !

I think this is the related docs link for what you are trying to do. So do you need a live balance, or is it ok to update it just periodically?

Thank for your answer. I would like the upodate at least once a day and when requires by the user.
Yes I ve found this doc but i was wondering where I can add in glide my binance API?

Will you only update your own wallet balance or will you update it for other users as well?

It would be only mine.
i know how to use a simple api with glide, like i want to get btc price, I know how to add it on glide
I know how to get my API key from my Binance account, I just dont know how to use a Binance API Linked to my private API key !

This is a thread that talks about fetching with a JavaScript column. However, please proceed with caution as it might expose your API key.

An alternative is using a service like Make to fetch the data and bring that back to Glide using a HTTP call.


Thank you for your answer.
I have a another question which is, where do I put my Private API key in glide.
For exemple if I want to get market value for crypto, I can either use ( Picture 1 )

Which allow us to have data from a public API. easy, I get the Json and get the value I want.
But several other plateform propose services like this one, but a more personnal service via a private Key.

So my question is where do I put my private key in glide ? This will be for binance, coinmarket cap or all other plateform asking for a private key.
Thank you for the answers

There is no native option for securing API keys at the moment, however Glide have indicated that they may provide a mechanism for making secure authenticated API calls in the future.

So for the moment what I want to do is impossible?

It’s possible, but it’s not possible to do it purely in Glide in a secure manner.
What you could do is use something external to Glide (such as Make) to make the API call, and then push the result in via the API.

alright i will try thisway thank you

FYI you’ll probably want to make the app private.