Blockchain experience using Glide + Experimental Code, Integromat. NFT, tokens etc

Hey folks! :wave:
This is my small research project on the possibility of using Glide to create web3 applications. Look at the page where I collected Glide capabilities using the example of the Near Protocol blockchain.

If you have any questions, pls write)
I’ll attach a couple of videos here for the seed)


What you showcased is so very neat! Could you explain a little more what your app is for? Does it allow you to bookmark owners – contract ID and associated NFTs – from the website?

Welcome to the Glide community forum by the way. :wave:

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Very neat documentation. Thanks for sharing!

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You can watch any contract, any data. For example, you can create your own smart contract for the NFT marketplace or come up with something else and make an MVP on the glide.

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