Get the latest Lookup value

I am trying to do a Lookup in Sheet A of the latest value captured in Sheet B. The information I am looking up in Sheet B is a specific Bill Title (Title 4) associated with a Payer (Payer 2). The column that I have in common with both sheets is the Payer ID.

Since each Payer can have multiple bills, the current Lookup (and Relation) result in multiple bill titles being captured (Title 2, Title 7, Title 4).
The data in Sheet A is captured via a details page and the data in Sheet B was captured via a Form.

I am looking for a way to:

  1. List and display all the bills associated with Payer 2
  2. Isolate and display the latest bill by itself

I would appreciate any suggestion anybody might have on how to best do this.

For your first question, wouldn’t a multiple relation matching Payer 2 to the payer column in the second sheet work?

For your second question, I think the best way is to have a timestamp at the creation of the bill, then rollup over the payer relation to get the latest timestamp back.

Make a template column combining the payer info with the rollup, in the Bills sheet make another template column combing the payer with each timestamp. Then make a single relation matching the template column in first sheet to the template column in the second sheet, use lookup to pull back the Bill title.

Thank you @ThinhDinh.

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