Get mp3 url link from a podcast rss feed in a spreadsheet

I’ve just read this tutorial:

And I want to know what is the formula to get the .mp3 of each episode

When I enter =importfeed(""), it only shows these data (title, author, episode link, created date and description)


I have tried with 3 other podcast rss feed and it still only shows these data…

How to get the .mp3 link?


This is not a Glide specific question, but has to do with how transistor serves its podcast MP3 files. Do you have an example link to a podcast MP3? It probably looks something like the links that are already in your sheet, I’m guessing with a .MP3 extension.

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Thanks for the quick feedback David. I’ve tried with 3 different rss feed, so it is not only related to this example.

In my sheet, there is no .mp3 url link. In the tutorial, he managed to get the .mp3 url link but he didn’t mention how. This is his sheet:

I know this is not Glide related tho… it’s just the step before Glide :slight_smile: I’ll build an app with this info.

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Again, can you post just one example of an MP3 link for the podcast you’re trying to build? I’m looking for a pattern between the links that are actually in your sheet, and the link you want. If we discover the pattern, it’s may be easy to generate the MP3 links from the links you already have. I’m not familiar with the Podcasts that you’re working with, so I have no way to know where they store the MP3 files.

For example, it could be as simple as appending .MP3 to the end of the links you already have. In that case we would just use a template column to do this.

I was able to get the mp3 links with:

=IMPORTXML("", "//enclosure/@url")

Thanks very much David. You got it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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