Get a flow of values in one field without using a Button

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Has anyone tried to solve the hat-trick problem of continuously entering a data packet in one field - without using the SAVE button and without using MAKE?
The Usecase is the following. I write a data packet from an external scanner. The user clicks on a text input field, then by external scanner sequentially scans several barcodes - all in one field, as if from keyboard input. I write values of each barcode (5-10 barcodes) and a time stamp.
Nothing complicated when one value, or if you use the SEAVE button. But when there is a continuous flow of multiple barcodes one after another, we need to find a way to write the package without using the SAVE button. So far, I have solved this problem using Glide API & Make, feeding a series of values into the text field as a column, with the new values being written on a new line. Next, I control this batch in calculated columns through list and array columns, then using Make every few minutes I read and write the batch to the table, clearing the source cell for a new batch.
The challenge is to find a way to solve this problem without using Make. :thinking: Let discuss?

Hola @Alexey_Baranov1

If I understood fine, do you want to save the cost of a Make plan?

What kind of data source are you using to store the data read by scanners: GT or GS?

If it’s GS, you can do it with a script by deploying it as a web application: GT sends data to the web app, the script takes this data as parameters and then, adds this as a new record.


I can’t recall the link to the demo which Darren used the new Call API action to add rows directly from Glide, but that is one way your problem can be solved.

I imagine if you have a delimited list of barcodes, then you can have a helper table to construct the right JSON for the API call.

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This one?

It was actually to reset multiple rows, but the process would be almost identical.


Hola, @gvalero!
Thank you for your suggestion :pray:

I want to save the time for User first, then cost okay also. If we can not do extra thing, why to do it)
I use GS just to get a batch of barcodes by Make now. Then i write it to GT in the same Make scenario.

Unfortunately i am not familiar with GS Scripts. But if there no other way, will see it.


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Thank you, @ThinhDinh !
I am not familiar with JSON, but used it a few times after some of Glide related Video Cases. Will go see some Tutorial about JSON)

Thank you very much, @Darren_Murphy
Seems this is the way)

Another question (curiosity): Why do you use a GS in your Make scenario if your final storage is a GT? Is it a temporary storage to create a batch?

Would you mind using a GS to save all the data there or is a GT required for your project?

Saludos @gvalero !
I use GS

  1. as a temporary storage to create a batch,
  2. just to get data from it by Make every 1 minute.
    My (previous) Glide Plan PRO does not have API to GET data from GT.

Now we have too much updates so jumped to Business Plan, and there is API to GET data from GT. So i am going to stop using GS.
now we see there are huge amount updates ~$1k per month :exploding_head: :scream: :dizzy_face:
My Customer and me, we are very frustrated from such issue. Looks like Glide is not a right way for this Project(

ok, I’m trying to understand your process and flow :wink:

  • Do you send GS every scan read?.
  • Are the scan reads asynchronous or is each read done in a short and limited time (10-30 seconds) in a row?
  • How many items (reads) does your batch have in GS: 8-10?

Sorry for the questions, but I’m trying to figure out why you didn’t use a form to capture your scans (8-10?) and then send all of this to your GT creating only one row per batch? :face_with_head_bandage:

If you don’t feel comfortable responding with sensitive or private information about it, you can send me a DM and I could give you an idea capable of simplifying your flow and saving 80% of your edits/updates.

Feliz día Alexey!

Hola @gvalero :wave:
Thank you very much for your attention :pray:

  • I use GS as a buffer to get a batch of scans by text input field, usually there are 1-3-5 scans before Make will ask GS (every 1-5, now 10 minutes). Then i put these new scans into GT by the same Make scenario using API SC.
  • The handy scan reads are asynchonous, and the intervals between scans are different, from 10 sec to a couple minutes. Make’s Scenario checks & sorts the reads, adding by 1 row for each Operator and its batch.
  • The batch size in GS is 1-3-5… depending on Make’s reads GS interval. When it was 1 minute, we had have 1 or sometime 2 barcodes inside. Now we set this interval to 10 minutes, to save updates in Glide, and have more barcodes inside.

So i have 1-3 scans usually in one batch = new row in GT. And using GS for this as a buffer because my previous Plan ddi not have GET API from GT. Now our plan is Business, so i’ve thinked to stop using GS, and get scans directly from GT.

Using Glide’s Form for getting scans is not the first choice, because IN THIS CASE we need push the SAVE button to have access for it. But we do not want to use button for this, we need to catch a flow of scans without pushing extra buttons.

Saludos, and thank you!


Now I can see that the key step to avoid is the famous Save button!

let me answer you by PM to avoid writing things not associated with Glide

Sure, ofcourse