Gamify a Quiz App

Hi All! My question is maybe a little bit tricky or complex and not sure completely understandable what would like to ask, but I will try… :smiley: So… I have an app which contains html5 quizzes in web view. But I would like to gamify the core app, because now I can start the individual quizzes, in the end I see my results and that’s it, nothing else. I saw @Robert_Petitto’s gaming tutorial videos this is what I’m looking for :+1: , but I don’t know, is there a possibility to integrate somehow these html5 quizzes into the app. I mean, counting or adding coins or XPs or golds or something else to the student if a quiz is successfully completed. What the trigger could be: I can set the end of the quiz to go different webpage when failed or success. But… I don’t know…maybe this “action” is not suitable for it. There is nothing another solution.
The quizzes are already done for a while, there are about 800 individual quizzes, so creating new one within the app is not an option for now. :smiley:

Any solution will be appreciated!

Are you using h5p per chance?

Unfortunately not. This is a standalone software with which the quizzes were made.