Functions for excursions and quests in reality

It would be really cool to add the following features:

  1. location radius:
    For example, if location coordinates = “X” +100m Radius, then ACTION (or show picture/text/123/link)
    This is necessary in order to be able to create author tours and quests in reality.

  2. background music. For example, when a section/list opens, a playlist automatically starts playing.
    It is also necessary for tours/excursions and quests in reality to create an atmosphere or tell the audio history of the city/museum/monument/quests

  3. Embed the augmented reality (AR) function:
    For example, when pointing the camera at a modern building, show an old photo of this place or a video clip. It is also necessary for tours (excursions) and quests in reality.

Also, it would be ideal if it were possible to place 3D objects (such as crystals) on the terrain (linked to GPS coordinates) and set conditions for users that when they click on the button in this place, the crystal will disappear (appear in the user’s inventory)

This is necessary to create quests (games) in reality.

I think that if the market for tours (excursions) and quests is large, it would attract people’s attention. - for example

All great requests—probably won’t happen anytime soon, though…I don’t think AR support or background music is a priority for Glide.