Frozen screen "Signing in"

My app’s URL:

I think this happened during the following:

  • I was signed in the Home Screen app (iPhone)
  • I clicked on the link from a Whatsapp conversation which opened a new safari page
  • I landed on the login page and had to re-enter my email address
  • The sign-in page got stucked
  • Help!!

Thank you so much in advance for your help.


I have some users reporting the same.


@Mikey Where in the world are you? As in, closest city, country, etc. We’re investigating the cause of this but we need to know where you are physically located.


I’m in New York City, USA
Thank you.

I’m getting similar reports in Ohio, USA

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It seems to work now

I’m in Miami FL. Multiple users just started reporting this same behavior to me. I myself am now also stick on “Signing in” screen. Been close to 5 minutes now.


I am in Dallas, Texas

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Hello, still same problem since yesterday night. I am based in Paris, France.

If I use the app in the browser it works. If I save it to home screen and then open it by clicking on the app on home screen then signing is requested and then froze.

my app in case:


A few of my users are getting this:

They’re based in France, I don’t understand french so not sure what it says

Users are still reporting problems. This one is in South Africa, but also reports from Utrecht (The Netherlands).

Screenshot 2020-05-13 at 12.13.43

Is there a status page somewhere, where we can follow the incident?

Same issue from Pune, India.

It says Signing in…

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@Daniel_Sweet likewise, customer’s users are located in Mexico City.