App stuck on "Signing in" (Miami, FL)

Hi team!

So I have searched and found a few post regarding this issue about getting stuck in loading at the signing in screen. Noticed that location was always asked for troubleshooting so Miami, FL.

Have had a few users notifying me of issue over the last 3 hours and I’m getting a bit concerned. I to am now having the same issue over the last hour.

Is there a quick method to overcome this (maybe re-installing the app)? I ask because the fact I can tell that other users are not in fact stuck and all of these users are also in the same location.

Anyway, any update would really be appreciated.

Thanks guys (keep up the great work, saw the roll out of the features today - way to go!!!)



So, I am starting to get reports of this “hanging-on-signing-in” issue. Just got one from my primary stake holder, am very concerned.

The users are explaining that they simply got kicked out of the app and then the app would not let them sign back in.

… how can we resolve?

Major incident posted here - so probably why

Just saw here:

… ok, well at least its a known issue. I am sure the team will make quick work of this. Thanks Krivo.