Free Template w/ full details of every UN country

Hi Jamie.

I’m working on this project.

Would be great if I could get my hands on your sheet.

Would you mind sharing it with and the community?

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Thank you, @Jaime, that looks great!

However, when reaching out to grab this fantastic app, I get an error message that I don’t understand at all. How am I supposed to delete anything in a sheet that I don’t own yet?

Good question haha. I deleted the blank rows. Try again!

So here’s what I actually wanted to achieve.
Was just too dumb to explain :slight_smile:

It’s an alphabetical list of countries together with their flags in one field.
The flags are emojis so that you might use them in any text field.

Take advantage if it is helpful for you by making a copy of that list.

As you know, countries come and go. So make sure to update your list whenever they rearrange the world again. :slight_smile:

Nice, whats your definition of a country

That may happen sooner than later! :crazy_face:

I am not understanding what I am seeing. Am I supposed to see flags? Some of the rows in Column A seem to be empty, but there is data in Column B. Perhaps there are some hidden columns?

I also get an error when trying to copy the template…


cannot replicate that. When I open the link in any private browser window, it opens like it should.

There also is no second column.

Here’s the link again.

Hove none. May others decide.

The 2 character country codes are special characters (not normal letter) that when combined are converted to a flag emoji. Check out the country flags at 🎌 Flags — List of Emoji Flags to Copy and Paste. Some older versions of windows don’t have the latest unicode releaset, so some emoji are not available. I’ve noticed this with colored dots that work fine on my phone and home computer, but doesn’t translate to the actual emoji on my work computer, which is on a long term support windows version. I see similar issues with flags, which I believe are a pretty recent addition to unicode. Plus I think I read somewhere that microsoft doesn’t fully support flag emoji due to some countries recognizing other territories as countries, and some not. It’s all complicated due to unicode and geo-political differences.


Hola David,

Are you using Windows on your PC to work on this spreadsheet right?

If so, Microsoft has long warned that they will not display country flags to avoid conflicting country claims. :roll_eyes:



Yes, Windows 10. I tried it on my Android and it seems to work right. Guess this solution won’t work for Pages.