Free and premium hotel directory app

Wow! Impressive! This looks great!

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Yes, great looking intro site.


Lovely work, how do you manage your subscription payments?

So you have to insert the email twice.

Would be good to append it to the URL app as a parameter

Yes that is a bit of a bummer. I’m not sure I understand how to do what you suggest. How can I append this when I don’t know yet my users’emails?

Thank you.
Haven’t sorted this out yet. My premium app is a duplicate of the free one so my plan is to just link the “buy” button on that landing page to some kind of digital payment system (Gumroad probably as it allows for recurring subscription.)., then release access to the app, probably via a Zap triggered by the payment.

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Glide should accept parameters. It is a #feature-requests

Sounds great

Ah so that’s not something that exists now anyway? I will have to read on parameters!

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Wow, looks so nice and eye-catching, congratulations, Stephanie! I even found one hotel in Cologne) My question as a user - why do ask me twice about my email. First, at your landing page, and then inside glide - to generate pin. Is there a way to optimize this step?

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Thank you very much Natalia. Yes, you’re right about the double email signup. So the first one is to get them on my mailing list and to then check whether they’ve logged into the app (received the pin). The second one is to just get into the app. I could probably not get them on the mailing list and send them straight to the app but then I wouldn’t be allowed to email them (GDPR consent).
The other option is to not have the public with email setting for the app but just to have it public but then I wouldn’t have the login info.
I need to think it over a bit more to see what I’m ready to give up on for a better experience for my users.

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I’m working on a two tier app of sorts, where public users just browse the information but content creators actually are able to create the information the public will see. There are two apps. The public app has a Glide form button, which allow them to fill out a request to be a “Creator”. It asks for their email. When they submit the form, an automatic email is sent to them welcoming them. The body of the email has instructions for the “onboarding process” and a few links for them to click for further information. It also contains a link to the Creator App which requires that they use their email to sign in (it’s Email whitelist). Since they just entered their email it is saved to the sheet that the whitelist logic is pointing to. They have a bit more information to put in once they are in the Creator app, as well as agreeing to a Terms of Use rich text document displayed to them within the app.

It should be released by year end. Hopefully I will release a test version soon for some assistance with beta testing and usage metrics from the community.


Nice workflow. I am not yet on Pro so can’t access the whitelist functionality but if I move to this, I’ll think of your workflow.
I will probably add an “upgrade” tab in the free app that will lead to the premium app purchase page.
Looking forward to seeing your app.

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Wow I was not active in the community when this was posted. Really lovely design and I’m glad I was able to help for the app.


Love it!

Thank you very much @Jaybird_Farrow. The app has even developed more since I posted a few months ago. Here is a little tour and of course you can access it at

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@Stephanie_Bonnet: This is absolutely superb! Great job!

We’re in similar fields, i.e. travel accommodation so this is very inspiring.

I notice you’re using Landen for your landing page, would be good to get your thoughts on that.

Also, I’m keen to know how you are treating GDPR as Glide falls short of this as is well documented in a few posts, including this one:

Thanks for the kind comments. Would love to see your app since we are in the same area!

I found Landen months ago and gave it a try and it was just very easy. I haven’t integrated the email sign up functionality as they don’t list the mail provider that I use but that would probably make things easier. For now, I use a cta which links to a sign up form. My current landing page didn’t require me to move to a paid plan.

As for GDPR, I need to read through all the threads and see how that could work.

@Stephanie_Bonnet: Sure, I will send you a private message with link to my app if that is OK?

Thanks for the insight on Landen. It seems quite expensive for what it is, and for us the free version wouldn’t suffice as we need custom domain from the word go.

I’m very comfortable using WordPress and its SEO capability is second to none via some great plugins.

There is also a handy WP plugin that enables you to create pages that redirect to custom domain names, allowing you to in effect run several landing sites all managed from the one WP installation:

I have run my blog on Wordpress for years but I am not good enough with html etc… to create the kind of multi-options subscription table that this has plus the mockups were already there too.

I’m not building a business so much as trying to get a bit of a return on my time investment into my hobby so not in the same league as what you want to achieve, I suppose :wink:

Would be very happy to receive more info about your app via private message.