Formula Help - striking out with If/Then

Hey everyone, hoping you all can help me out like last time, really racking my brain and searching everything I can think of to make this happen and not having any luck. I attached a picture of what I’ll be talking about.

Column 1 is a recorded user choice, this instance it’s projected QB total yards. The user has 5 different choices to choose from via a choice sheet and then the data is recorded on a this sheet filtered by user email signed in.

Column 2 is bringing in data from a sports API to show the actual results from the game.

Column 3 is taking the actual API sports data and converting that into points.

What I am attempting to do is figure out how to assign the points to the users when they correctly predict the totals.

So in this example the quarterback had 304 yards so this particular user would get 0 points because they projected the yard total to be between 0-150. If the user would have chosen the 251-350 choice they would have received 2 points because they would have predicted correctly.

I was thinking I could do If user choice is 0-150 and actual data is between 0-150 = 2 points if not then 0 points and then go down the line with the different options but that doesn’t seem to work.

I’m using google sheets as an FYI.


would the below help :

split the 0-150 into two columns Lower and Upper then
if SCORE is less then upper AND
SCORE is greater then LOWER points =2

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use benchmarks:

Thanks Uzo, that was super helpful!

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