Forms 1 Submission per User

It pulls the row ID inserted, no Idea why… Are you available for a quick zoom?

What are your specific settings for that, shouldn’t there be a “signed-in user’s email” special value and you can point it to the email column in your submissions sheet.

Did you use the rowID in screen values instead?

I did what you said, but no go…

The form still writes the rowID instead of the user’s email? Can you share some screenshots?

What a relation column shows doesn’t affect the fact that it is relating to the entire row. It’s just showing you that it found a match. The contents of a relation are the entire row and not a specific column. If you need a single column from that relation, then you need to create a Lookup column.


I did it, but steal doesn’t work…

It soukd work, bot for some reason I struggle with it

What did you do? What’s not working?





It does make it disapear, but if I want to sumbit a review in a diffretn item that I did not gave review before it also wont show it

Then you should create a template with the item ID alongside the email, and make sure you catch it in the form as well.

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I did the same thing as I did to the email.

I did with a Template (ID, response email) doesn’t/does include and what I show you here.

steal no go

What I would do is.

  • In the form, catch the item ID to a new column in the Submissions sheet. Let’s call it “Item ID”.

  • Create a template in the original sheet, let’s say “A - B” with A replaced by signed-in user’s email, B is item’s ID. This is Template A.

  • Create a template in the submissions sheet, let’s say “C - D” with C replaced by the submitter’s email, D replaced by the item ID you caught via the form. This is template B.

  • Create a relation from template A to template B. Hide the form when relation is not empty.


Great it works with “Match multiple”

But it have some 3 second delay.

It is good inaf, thanks

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You can use a Glide Table to eliminate the lagging.

Ok, I will try this next

oh. my. geez.

thank you SO much.

I’ve been wrestling this issue for at least a week with no luck

Your A - B, C - D template method works so well

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Good to hear! Tell us if you have any more questions.